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320 square feet

ADA accessible, full bath with kitchen

Live off the grid

Add solar panels or wheels, take your home with you.

Weather Resistant

Weather resistant to extreme climates, including freezing temperatures, high heat, and hurricanes.

What will you Contain?

Our 40ft, 320 square foot Container Home is the most sustainable, affordable dwelling on the market. Whether you need a place to call home, an extra room or alternative dwelling unit, our 320S Container Home gets it done.


Energy Efficient

Closed-Cell Polyurethane Foam Insulation and energy-efficient lighting and appliances means low utility bills 


All hook-ups are quick disconnects and can be transported with or without a chassis

Starting at $44,900 with multiple upgrades including premium appliances and furniture


Build your Own

Customize your container how you want

Hurricane Resistant

Can withstand up to 175 mph wind force. 

Ships anywhere

Can be shipped anywhere in North America. Contact us for shipping overseas*


Every home is built to the National Fire Protection Agency NFPA 1192, NFPA 70, and International Residential Code (IRC) and inspected by the National Organization of Alternative Housing.

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